Kahlua Shuzen Eds + Vampires

Kahlua Shuzen is one of the main protagonists and antagonists of Eds + Vampires. Kahlua is the klutzy, naive mentally and innocent older sister of Kokoa Shuzen. Though she is the 2nd oldest among the four sisters, she has a demeanor that depicts her as the youngest. Kokoa harbors a deep gear of her since she is the top assassin of the Shuzen family.


Contrary to her sisters, Kahlua displays a clear aversion to fighting and hurting others in any way. However, when her charm is in use, she will blindly attack her opposition and kill them without remorse, in the corse of such an act, she cries tears of atonement.

Kahlua truly loves her sisters and was unwilling to harm Moka during their reunion, she also displayed enough care for Kokoa to beg her mother not to harm her.


Kahlua and Moka - Moka's older half sister. Both fear her madness, Outer dislikes the babying she is given
Shuzen kahlua 1857

Kahlua Eds + Vampires

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix OST - The 13th Reflection (Absent Silhouette Boss Theme)03:47

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix OST - The 13th Reflection (Absent Silhouette Boss Theme)

Kahlua's theme Eds + Vampires

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