Jason Shirayuki is one of the main protagonists of the anime crossover series Eds + Vampires. Jason is a Yuki-Otoko who attends Youkai Academy.


Jason is a quiet and timid person that will be silent during the most part of the conversation. When he does speak, his voice is frighteningly calm. Due to his role as the school's sniper, he is known to hide virtually anywhere anyplace without being seen or heard. Like his child hood friend Jake Bloodriver, Jason shows no attachment to any female students but will be willingly to stalk a girl whether it will be a target, for revenge, gathering information, or just for the fun of shooting at Ginei.


Jason and Jake - Jason and Jake are childhood friends and will often defend each other

Jason and Mizore - Jason and Mizore are twin siblings, with Jason being overprotective of Mizore
Sai theme song02:49

Sai theme song

Jason's theme

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