Chapaters of Eds + Vampires


Season One

Freshmen Arc

Security Committe Arc

Mizore Arc

Witche's Knoll Arc

Lilith's Mirror Arc

Monstrel Arc

Anti-Schoolar Arc

Kuyou Arc

School Festival Arc

Season Two

Return To Yokai Academy Arc

Jake Bloodriver Arc

Phantom Thieves Arc

New and Old Club Members Arc

Land of the Snow Fairies Arc

Training Arc

Second Battle with Fairy Tale Arc

Fang Fang Arc

The Rosario Breaks! Hidden Memories Arc

Preparations for Moka's Rescue Arc

Fairy Tale Infiltration Saving Moka Arc

Preluede to the Final Battle Arc

Battle to Save The World Arc

Alucard Arc Season Three

Kanker Sisters Arc

Control Tsukune Arc

Administration Arc

Cross Academy Arc

Kaname Kuran Arc

Family Reunion Arc

Gilver Arc

Season Four

Gilver Joins Yokai Academy Arc

Aizen Siblings Arc

Ministry of Espers Arc

Eddy's Destiny Arc

Dark Espers Arc

Season Five

Vampire Council Arc

Inner Arc

Dark Lord Arc

The Second Battle to Save the World Arc


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